Tote Bag

We named this bag after famed suffragist Frances Willard.  She fought for women’s rights and was instrumental in the passage of the 19th amendment.  When we looked at this bag we wondered what a woman might carry in it.  A book, an iPad, a wallet and weekend essentials?  This lead us to think about what Frances carried.  For the woman who coined the slogan “Do Everything,” there is nothing more exciting than to think what was in Francis’s bag.   



Weekender Bags

Dr Ophelia DeVore Mitchell was more than just the first African American super model.  Quoted as saying, "I didn't model a long time because that wasn't my mission to be a model. My mission was to have us presented in a way that was not stereotyped."  She went on to be a wife, mother, serial entrepreneur, producer, author, and lauded publisher with a vast archive of work.  She was a civil rights activist who received personal accolades for Dr Martin Luther King, JR.  She taught the world that “Black is Beautiful”.  We couldn’t agree more.  All of her achievements could never fit in even the largest of bags.  A truck would be needed!